Results from the 2011 Steinhatchee Community Fishing Tournament

Last weigh in of the tournament

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This year’s Steinhatchee Community Fishing Tournament was extended to a two day event due to weather. In years past this meant the contestant could weigh their catch in at Keaton Beach or Steinhatchee. This held true this year if you braved the harsh winds on Saturday, but if you held off until Sunday your only choice for weigh-in was the Steinhatchee Community Center.

The tournament traditionally has four species of fish that are eligible for prizes. They are Grouper and Amberjack for offshore and Trout and Redfish for inshore. Due to rough weather offshore no entries were made for Amberjack and Grouper.

The winners for Trout and Redfish are as follows:


  1. Jeff Evans won first place in both Trout and RedfishJeff Evans 6.40 lbs
  2. Howard Starling 5.85lbs


  1. Jeff Evans 7.75
  2. Tyler Hoppings 8.80

Jeff Evans was the big winner taking first place in both inshore categories.

Congratulations to all of the winner and thanks to all the contestant that entered this year.